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  • Tent catepillars or The Mummy Multiplied.
    Dear Miss Floribunda, Last October your “War of the Weeds” column gave a rundown on the most evil weeds invading our gardens. It actually helped me figure out what to pull out this year. Still, my garden has gone through a horrible summer due to insect damage. Maybe you could make a [read more]
  • Visitors admiring artwork in the show. Photo courtesy of Ronald Magaña
    By KRISSI HUMBARD — In 1994, two high school kids got into graffiti writing in Hyattsville and started the Double Down Kings. Twenty-two years later, the crew, which has grown to be the largest hip-hop crew in the tri-state area, brought it back to where it all started with the Double Down: 22 [read more]
  • Kristal Weems-Bradner and Frank Mills, new co-heads of school at Chelsea School, address members of the community at the recent open house.
    By MIA O’NEILL — Situated unassumingly atop a parking garage opposite the Prince George’s Plaza Metro station in Hyattsville, Chelsea School might go unnoticed but for a blue banner bearing its name that hangs from the garage entrance. But inside, one forgets quickly that the place is [read more]
  • A painted bathtub filled with rocks, a pink-haired dummy head, and rubber ducks is the centerpiece of a local garden. Photo courtesy of Lauren Flynn Kelly.
    By LAUREN FLYNN KELLY — When my husband and I were first looking at homes with local real estate agent Dylan Hanna, one of the things that stood out to us was Clarke Bedford’s “art house” on Nicholson Street. Having grown up in a town where every lawn was perfectly manicured, I found it [read more]
  • 2014-05-24 West Hyattsville Metro
    By KRISSI HUMBARD — On Sept. 12, the news that I usually report on hit too close to home. I woke up to a crime scene in my driveway. A man had been stabbed a few blocks away, then ran until he collapsed, bleeding from multiple wounds just feet from my back door. Thankfully, I did not see the [read more]
  • Courtesy of Jim Nuttle.
    By KRISSI HUMBARD — Hyattsville residents young and old have been speaking up about what they want to see in the city’s future. The City of Hyattsville is updating its Community Sustainability Plan — the document the city uses to guide planning for the next five years in Hyattsville — and [read more]
  • Photo courtesy of
    Dear Miss Floribunda, I remember a column you wrote some time ago in which you objected to piling mulch around the base of trees and didn’t seem entirely enthusiastic about wood chip mulch in general because of the nitrogen it takes out of the soil before it decomposes. I’ve continued [read more]

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  • Photo courtesy of Krissi Humbard.
  • A man shops at the HY-SWAP clothing exchange on Oct. 22. Photo by Krissi Humbard
  • Susie Misleh and Pierre Walcott led the discussion of the film "The Armor of Light," and are two of the driving forces behind the Independent Film Series. Photo by Helen Parshall
  • Photos courtesy of CASA/Prince George's County.
  • The Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department Fire Prevention Open House is Saturday. Photo courtesy of the Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department
  • police tape
  • The Auryn Quartett, from left to right: Violinist Matthias Lingenfelder, violinist Jens Oppermann, cellist Andreas Arndt, and violist Stewart Eaton. Photo by Manfred Esser, courtesy of Auryn Quartet
  • Jim Chandler, Director of Community & Economic Development for the City of Hyattsvile, introduces the presenters as they describe their vision for the 4310 Gallatin Street site.
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