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  • Dear Miss Floribunda, About a year ago, I noticed fungus-like growth on my azalea bushes (see attached picture). It’s slowly been getting worse, and some of the branches have died. What’s going on here, and what should I do about it? I’ve had these shrubs for a long time and [read more]
  • BY FRED SEITZ — The extensive rain in the past few months has raised the visibility of one of the most adaptive, diverse and mysterious organisms: fungus. A walk in the woods will reveal fungi from the familiar toadstools, to various shelf-type fungi on trees and logs, to some brilliant [read more]
  • BY MARIA JAMES — In the May edition of the Hyattsville Life & Times, I openly shared my challenge with finding my identity as a single adult who is childless and lives in our family-oriented community. I received many positive and encouraging messages from others who are living the single, [read more]
  • BY KRISSI HUMBARD — You may have noticed that Route 1 in downtown Hyattsville is a little more colorful these days. New art is transforming the Arts District, thanks to a group of local business owners. The group is in its infancy, but has big plans for the area. Business members currently [read more]
  • BY LINDSAY MYERS — After another lazy summer of meandering through local markets, dropping cucumbers into mason jars full of salty brine and sucking every last drop of juice from the fresh peaches at McCleaf’s on Thursday afternoons in Riverdale, I’m ready to transition my pantry into the [read more]
  • BY HEATHER WRIGHT — Hanging out on a porch, you can watch the life of your neighborhood: kids biking, people walking dogs, teenagers talking to one another and into their phones. And the community can watch you. And listen. On Saturday, Sept. 16, from 2 to 6 p.m., the Hyattsville community can [read more]
  • Dear Miss Floribunda, I am seven years old. My daddy is helping me with this because I can’t spell many words and he says I ask too many questions he can’t answer. I like bees. I like to watch them and they don’t sting me but my friend got stung. Why would they be nice to me and [read more]

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