Mt. Rainier

PG Pool honors man who helped integrate membership

September 23, 2015

BY REBECCA BENNETT — The Prince George’s Pool (PG Pool) dedicated a new shade structure in the memory of Raymond Bowlding on Aug. 5 as approximately 20 of his family members looked on.  It was the first time any of his children had probably seen the inside of the private pool complex, his [read more]

PHOTOS: Music & skateboarding event honors skate park history

August 1, 2015

BY REBECCA BENNETT — Anyone who wandered into the Mount Rainier Skate Park at Otis Street and Wells Avenue on July 18 knew something special was going on.  Local residents from Mount Rainier, Hyattsville and surrounding areas looked on as a dozens of skaters practiced tricks during the Southside [read more]

HL&T 2015 Summer Pool Guide

May 31, 2015

BY REBECCA BENNETT — Memorial Day has passed, which means it’s pool season! There are several public and private pool options in the area, and Hyattsville residents take part in both. Public Pools Outdoor, open weekends May 23, all week starting June 24, and weekends Aug. 25 to Labor Day [read more]

ICYMI: Fashion popup brought the runway to Gateway

May 20, 2015

BY SHAUNTRICE MARTIN — In February, Urban Eats Cafe in Mount Rainier brought the runway to Gateway. To culminate a lively DC Fashion Week, Peach Apple Brands presented its first inaugural pop show. Representatives from Peach Apple Brands. Photo courtesy Shauntrice Martin. Nina Faye was present [read more]

Visiting the Waterhole in Mount Rainier

March 24, 2015

BY CAROLINE SELLE — On a Friday morning in late January, there was a consistent flow of customers at the new Mount Rainier juice bar, The Waterhole. Two women chatted at a table, another worked alongside a wall in elevated seating, and a regular customer stopped by for a “three kings” [read more]

Joe’s Movement Emporium celebrates 20 years

March 14, 2015

BY RYAN CARBO — For 20 years, the Mount. Rainier-based Joe’s Movement Emporium, an arts-focused nonprofit, has operated with the mantra that there should be no barrier to participate in the multicultural art of dance. And during this anniversary, there is much to celebrate. Maryland Citizens [read more]
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