Beyond Hyattsville

Local art shines in a former jewelry store

September 10, 2013

BY GRETCHEN BRODTMAN — Many of us wonder what’s next for some of the recently vacated spaces in our community, anticipating what is being built behind the paper in the windows.  Shoppers looking through the windows of the former home of Fleisher’s Jewelers, 3108 Queens Chapel Road, on [read more]

My Two Cents: We don’t want to miss this bus

September 10, 2013

April Downs BY APRIL DOWNS — Have you noticed that red “Fear the Turtle” bus coming through Hyattsville during the last year or so? It’s the University of Maryland’s Shuttle-UM number 113.  I first saw it come by my house on 42nd Avenue and briefly wondered where if I could ride it even [read more]

Making a splash: Prince George’s Pool

August 13, 2013

BY ROSANNA LANDIS WEAVER — Mention the Prince George’s Pool (commonly known as the PG Pool)  to some locals and the superlatives fly.  Tamara Embrey says,  “I couldn’t love it more than I do.” “It saved my marriage,” says Rozanna Wijesinghe. “We plan our summer around it,” [read more]

“It Was A Miracle”

August 10, 2013

Northwestern High School choir member Sharada Weaver and a student she met at South Africa’s Amy Biehl School. Photo by Leona Lowery Fitzhugh. (August 2013) BY SHARADA WEAVER — “It was a miracle,” were the four words on the lips of many Northwestern High School students after learning [read more]

Liquid Assets: The Art and Craft of Beer

June 8, 2013

Back in the day, drinking homebrew was for the brave, the foolhardy or the home brewer. Judging from the talent on offer at Joe’s Movement Emporium on a warm evening at the beginning of June, the likely audience should widen considerably. The Art and Craft of Beer was an intriguing collaboration [read more]

A Hyattsville fish story

June 8, 2013

The fisherman is deep in reverie on a cool spring morning.  Sunlight dapples on a fast-moving stream, tripping over small rapids and falls.  Boughs of pale-green leaves form a canopy over the water.  A profusion of river rocks and pebbles glimmer in the clear water, framing deeper holes that [read more]

Pride and Prejudice — and Coffee

April 20, 2013

BY JANE MURPHY — “Elizabeth’s mind was too full for conversation, but she saw and admired every remarkable spot and point of view.” This is how Elizabeth Bennet reacts to the elegant estate of Pemberley in Jane Austen’s 19th-century novel Pride and Prejudice. And on March 9, an excited [read more]

Letter to the Editor: Queens Chapel Road backstory

April 10, 2013

BY BARBARA J. RUNION — I read with interest Hugh Turley’s column “After 25 years, is it time to reopen Queens Chapel?” [July 2013]. Over 25 years ago, I formed Citizens to Reopen Queens Chapel Road, an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. John Hammette of University Park, John T. [read more]
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