Beyond Hyattsville

Club hopes lacrosse will stick with county youth

October 10, 2012

BY SCARLETT SALEM — Lacrosse may be the state sport of Maryland, but in Prince George’s County, high schools are better known for producing athletes who excel at basketball, football, and track and field. The Prince George’s Pride Lacrosse Club is working to change that, teaming up this fall [read more]

Ross to leave the House of Delegates

October 10, 2012

BY SUSIE CURRIE — A surprise announcement by one of Hyattsville’s representatives in Annapolis has stunned colleagues and constituents alike, and opened the door for a political appointment by Governor Martin O’Malley. Del. Justin Ross (D-22) represented Hyattsville for 10 years before [read more]

Election 2012: Voter’s Guide

October 10, 2012

COMPILED BY SUSIE CURRIE — When Hyattsville voters go to the polls next month, they will be deciding questions that will reverberate through the state and the county for decades to come. In the spirit of public service, we present the text of all 14 of them so you won’t be seeing them for the [read more]

Burglary spree has West Hyattsville residents worried

October 10, 2012

BY PAULA MINAERT — A string of residential burglaries in West Hyattsville has residents on edge. On 30th Avenue alone, three homes were robbed from September 29 to October 1. In total, 22 houses in that part of the city were hit between August 1 and October 3, according to official reports. Sgt. [read more]

From the Editor: What’s happening in Hyattsville

September 10, 2012

BY PAULA MINAERT — I am always struck every time I meet with the sense of community that characterizes Hyattsville. The latest example is from Ward 5 Councilmember Nicole Hinds Mofor, who writes to express her thanks for the outpouring of support she received when she faced a health crisis [read more]

African refugee serves as U.S. soldier

August 10, 2012

BY SUSIE CURRIE — When Alfred Kollie walked into the U.S. Army recruiting office on Belcrest Center Drive in 2010, he knew more than most what the future might bring. At the time, he was managing a store in the nearby mall and attending Prince George’s Community College part-time. But just [read more]

From the Editor: Looking for a village square

August 10, 2012

BY PAULA MINAERT — When I first moved to Hyattsville more than 30 years ago, the local Dunkin’ Donuts (now Shagga Restaurant) was a neighborhood hangout. Whenever I went, the same group of older men would be there. They liked the counter and perched on tall stools with ripped vinyl seats, [read more]

My Two Cents: Does your baby smoke?

August 10, 2012

BY KIMBERLY SCHMIDT — The words “Honey, I’m pregnant” are often followed, in six to nine months, by Severe Nesting Syndrome. Every corner of the house is scrubbed, organized and decorated. Paint colors are chosen, and the merits of strollers and diapers are discussed with more vigor than an [read more]
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