Beyond Hyattsville

Art will bloom at former florist’s

January 15, 2013

BY ROSANNA LANDIS WEAVER — A new art school is coming to Hyattsville. Art Works Studio School of Mount Rainier will be moving into the Route 1 building in Hyattsville that for many years housed Marche Florists. William Marche started the family business in 1908 in Washington, D.C.  After he [read more]

Letter to the editor: Alfred Lawson

January 13, 2013

I recently received a copy of an article you printed last year about Lawson’s pharmacy in Hyattsville. I really enjoyed reading the article about Mr. Sabatelli and the brief history of the store because it was I that opened that drugstore back in 1948. I operated it successfully for almost 40 [read more]

From the Editor: Where are you from?

January 10, 2013

  BY ROSANNA LANDIS WEAVER — The simple question: “Where are you from?” can be viewed as banal cocktail party chatter, an intrusive means to identify outsiders, or as a core question of the modern-day examined life.  I’ve thought about this question a great deal: taking a “local [read more]

Hugh’s News: Bladensburg’s Mencken

December 10, 2012

BY HUGH TURLEY — John T. Flynn was a contemporary of the noted “Sage of Baltimore,” H.L. Mencken.  In 1882, Flynn was born to a devout Catholic family in Bladensburg and educated in the local public school. He likely attended mass at St. Jerome’s parish in Hyattsville after it was [read more]

Civil servants recruited for theater festival

December 10, 2012

BY SUSIE CURRIE — We know you’re out there, civil servants. As part of the Atlas Intersections Festival, to be held in February at D.C.’s Atlas Performing Arts Center, the local theater group Active Cultures is putting together  .govaculture, 15 original short plays about life as a federal [read more]

From the Editor: North from Hyattsville

December 10, 2012

BY PAULA MINAERT — My husband and I moved to Hyattsville in 1979. We went to St. Jerome’s for church and to the Safeway on Hamilton Street for groceries. (At that time, it was located at the corner of Queens Chapel Road.) We were part of a group of friends who moved here around that time. [read more]

From the Editor: At the intersection of opposing things

November 10, 2012

BY PAULA MINAERT — One theme leaps out at me in the stories in this issue: the intersection of faith and civil life, of individual rights and communal responsibility. Lines at the polling place, like the one on our cover, is just the most obvious example. For instance, in the cover story [read more]

Peace Cross battle arouses strong emotions

November 10, 2012

BY SCARLETT SALEM AND PAULA MINAERT — The latest salvo in the battle over Bladensburg’s Peace Cross came on November 4, when county officials denied the American Humanist Association’s contention that having the 40-foot-tall memorial on public property is unconstitutional. The move came in [read more]

From the Editor: Ballot questions should be longer than a tweet

October 10, 2012

BY SUSIE CURRIE  — Are you registered to vote? And if not, does it matter? We know, we know: Maryland is a one-party state. In these parts, if you’re a Democratic incumbent in November, odds are that you will continue to be one come January.  And sure, watching the presidential debates [read more]

Club hopes lacrosse will stick with county youth

October 10, 2012

BY SCARLETT SALEM — Lacrosse may be the state sport of Maryland, but in Prince George’s County, high schools are better known for producing athletes who excel at basketball, football, and track and field. The Prince George’s Pride Lacrosse Club is working to change that, teaming up this fall [read more]
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