Beyond Hyattsville

Hugh’s News: More misinformation from the mainstream media

May 15, 2012

BY HUGH TURLEY — Noted Catholic thinker Thomas Merton once wrote, “[I]n addition to the sheer volume of information, there is the even more portentous fact of falsification and misinformation by which those in power are often completely intent not only on misleading others but even on [read more]

Trail assaults worry residents

May 12, 2012

Maryland-National Capital Park Police released composite sketches of men suspected in a series of assaults in and around Hyattsville. BY PAULA MINAERT — A recent series of six sexual assaults in and near Hyattsville, as yet unsolved, has unnerved city residents, and it appears that more than one [read more]

From the Editor: Canines deserve care

May 10, 2012

BY PAULA MINAERT — I’ve always thought that Hyattsville residents are obsessed with three things: dogs, gardens and local politics (though I’ve changed my mind recently about that last one). I’m a dog person, so the great number of canines in our city is a real plus for me. I’ve known [read more]

From the Editor: The best of both worlds

April 10, 2012

BY PAULA MINAERT — A lot of new growth is happening here in Hyattsville. The Route 1 corridor has blossomed since Busboys & Poets and the other shops at Jefferson Street have opened. There’s a definite energy you can sense, something creative and exciting. And that energy has attracted [read more]

From the Editor: Who are we, anyway?

March 10, 2012

BY PAULA MINAERT — I often walk around the city. I don’t cover all of its 2.67 square miles but I’ve been to a large portion of it. And I’ve noticed, as I think most of us have, that Hyattsville has changed over the years. I decided to look at the 2010 census recently to see what I could [read more]

Whole Foods moves closer to reality with county zoning approval

February 8, 2012

BY PAULA MINAERT — On February 2, the Prince George’s County Planning Board unanimously approved a rezoning request for a 37-acre wooded property in Riverdale Park. The approval opens the way for the land, owned by the Cafritz family, to be turned into a mixed-use development that [read more]

Hugh’s News: A feast, followed by a fast

February 8, 2012

BY HUGH TURLEY — One day this month, chances are you will see a few people with black smudges on their foreheads.  You won’t have to check the calendar to know it is Ash Wednesday.  In recent times, this Christian holiday has been eclipsed in many quarters by the day that precedes it, [read more]

The Blues live on in Riverdale Park

January 10, 2012

  BY JIM GROVES — “Blues in E, regular 1-4-5,” someone yells. A guitar gives an opening riff, followed by a sweet harmonica.  Slowly, more sound rolls in: guitars, mandolin, saxophone, piano, harmonica and, finally, a voice tearing into a blues song that has been sung since the 1950s. [read more]

From the Editor: Drawing lines is not child’s play

January 10, 2012

BY PAULA MINAERT — I don’t do numbers. They have intimidated me ever since third grade, when Mrs. Powell yelled at me because I had a hard time doing multiplication. I also struggle with technology and my husband will attest to this. He has to come running whenever my computer hiccups and I [read more]
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