County finds unexpected place to make cuts

January 10, 2012

Now you see them, now you don’t: Queens Chapel Town Center before (top) and after Prince George’s County Department of Public Works clear-cut 35 trees. Only about half of them were on the County right-of-way, with the rest split between city- and state-managed roads. BY CHRIS CURRIE [read more]

Book on Riverdale Park history released

December 11, 2011

BY SUSIE CURRIE — Congratulations to the Historical Association of Riverdale Park on Images of America: Riverdale Park, the latest in a series by Arcadia Publishing. (Hyattsville’s, you may remember, was published in 2008). Donald Lynch, Tom Alderson and Melissa Avery co-authored the [read more]

Stakeholders discuss how to revitalize East-West corridor

November 11, 2011

BY SUSIE CURRIE — On November 1, the Prince George’s County Council unanimously passed County Executive Rushern Baker’s signature initiative, the $50 million Economic Development Incentive Fund. It was designed to attract and spur development in the county over the next five years. Having [read more]

Bakery replaces Rhode Island Reds

October 11, 2011

BY PAULA MINAERT — If you’ve traveled down Rhode Island Avenue lately, you’ve probably noticed that the much-loved Rhode Island Reds is now the Shortcake Bakery & Café. Cheryl Harrington will open Shortcake Bakery in the Route 1 storefront recently vacated by Rhode Island Reds. Photo [read more]

City supports bed-and-breakfasts

October 11, 2011

BY PAULA MINAERT — Bed-and-breakfasts now have officially become a part of Hyattsville life. At its October 3 meeting, the city council moved to regulate these establishments by adding them to the city charter, the document that outlines all the rules for living here. More signs like this one [read more]

New business for West Hyattsville

October 10, 2011

BY PAULA MINAERT — Most of the recent development in the city has happened in the EYA area along Route 1 or around the Prince George’s Plaza Metro station. But a federal contractor bought property in May on Ager Road, across from the West Hyattsville Metro station, and plans to move its [read more]
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