Bricks & Mortar

Bricks and Mortar: Getting Hitched

December 7, 2015

BY GRAY O’DWYER — Randy and Rose Fletcher were already married when they bought Hitching Post Hill, an historic estate in the University Hills neighborhood of Hyattsville. What they didn’t know was that owning a historic house is like getting married again — there are good days, bad [read more]

Progress equals prosperity

July 10, 2014

– GRAY O’DWYER – For many years, the mantra of municipal leaders and town planners has been “progress equals prosperity,” reasoning that development and economic growth are the primary means of ensuring fiscal success. Unfortunately, progress has also often meant destruction [read more]

Rare glimpse inside Bostwick House

May 22, 2014

Gray O’Dwyer On Sunday, May 4, Maryland Milestones hosted the Bostwick Heritage Festival to celebrate the Bladensburg estate’s three centuries of history with dozens of local vendors and artisans. Younger visitors made bricks and learned to swordfight, while University of Maryland historic [read more]

Sending out an SOS at the Hyattsville library

March 15, 2014

Gray O’Dwyer On Sunday, March 2, area residents gathered to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Hyattsville library, the oldest in the Prince George’s County Memorial Library System. The event attracted local families, library patrons, and those who support the Save Our Saucer campaign to [read more]

Preservation options for the WSSC building

January 15, 2014

Gray O’Dwyer Historic preservation has been a divisive issue since it became a national movement in the mid-20th century. Passionate defenders of preservation cite events such as the 1963 tear-down  of New York’s historic Penn Station to build Madison Square Gardens as examples of [read more]