Cultural Connections

Cultural Connections: From Reykjavík to Washington, D.C.

December 21, 2017

BY JULIA GASPAR-BATES — Growing up in Reykjavík, Iceland, Ólafur Jónasson experienced a lot of autonomy. The capital city has an estimated population of 123,000 and boasts a very low crime rate. Jónasson explained, “It’s quite safe — when [you] are 7 or 8, you start walking to school on [read more]

Cultural Connections: From Turkey to Washington, DC

February 23, 2017

BY JULIA GASPAR-BATES Moving frequently within her home country of Turkey as a child prepared Hyattsville resident Julide Dengel for her eventual move to the U.S. Dengel spent her early years in Istanbul before relocating to Turkey’s capital, Ankara, at age 7. When Dengel was a teenager, her [read more]

Cultural Connections: Irish roots run deep in Hyattsville

March 7, 2016

BY JULIA GASPAR-BATES — When Jimmy McAuliffe’s ship landed in New York in 1959 after leaving his native Ireland, he was overwhelmed by all the cars, lights and noise he encountered.  “It was kind of scary because I was young and I’d never traveled before. I thought to myself ‘what in the [read more]
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