From the Editor

From the Editor: Join us on April 22 at the 2015 Election Forum

April 7, 2015

BY CAROLINE SELLE — It’s election season, and this is an exciting year! In the City of Hyattsville’s municipal elections, the Office of the Mayor and five seats on the Hyattsville City Council are up for grabs. Fifteen candidates have filed to run for office, seven of whom are running for the [read more]

From the Editor: Hyattsville, a strong community

March 12, 2015

BY MARK GOODSON — When the Detroit Free Press broke the story of James Robertson, a Detroit factory worker who walked a grueling 21 miles to and from work in his 47 mile round trip each day, the country responded. A fundraising campaign with a goal of $25,000 raised $350,001 through 13,000 [read more]

From the Editor: Staying local for the holidays

December 12, 2014

BY CAROLINE SELLE — When Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot stopped by in early December to tour some of Hyattsville’s small businesses, he said something I just couldn’t get out of my head. “I’m a proud resident of Takoma Park,” he told me, “but we seem to always be copying [read more]

From the Editor: It’s never too early for voters to engage

November 15, 2014

CAROLINE SELLE — In the aftermath of the gubernatorial election, I’m taking stock of what it really means to be part of a community. It’s a question I struggle with on a near-daily basis and especially when I head to the polls. Too often it seems like there is no real choice at the ballot [read more]

From the Editor: Coming home to Hyattsville

August 14, 2014

BY CAROLINE SELLE — As a journalist,  I prefer highlighting the experiences of others to writing about myself. Regardless, as the new managing editor of the Hyattsville Life & Times, I owe it to you, the readers, to introduce myself. Though this is only my third year as a Hyattsville [read more]

The new Hyattsville Life & Times

July 13, 2014

-REBECCA BENNETT- Welcome to the new Hyattsville Life & Times – online. Ten years ago, the founders of the paper did something amazing.  They successfully launched an award-winning print product in an age when print was being forecasted as soon-to-be obsolete with the increasing use of [read more]

Ten years and going stronger than ever

July 9, 2014

BY STEPHEN CLEMENTS WITH NICK DUNTEN — This month marks the 10th anniversary of the publication of this newspaper. It all started with a conversation with Chris Currie (the Hyattsville Life & Times’ current business manager). He was lamenting the fact that Hyattsville did not have a [read more]

From the Editor: 10 years, 120 issues, and 1 new website

July 9, 2014

BY SUSIE CURRIE — Our 10th anniversary issue is packed with news you need to know. But the biggest news on our end is the launch of Years in the making (or at least, in the pipeline), this longtime goal has become a reality under a sterling team of volunteers led by the [read more]

From the Editor: All politics is local

June 10, 2014

BY SUSIE CURRIE — In most places, election-day anticipation begins closer to the end of summer than the beginning. And yet, in Prince George’s County — where 78 percent of registered voters are Democrats — the political-ad deluge is already in full force. That’s because the primary, [read more]
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