From the Editor

Ten years and going stronger than ever

July 9, 2014

BY STEPHEN CLEMENTS WITH NICK DUNTEN — This month marks the 10th anniversary of the publication of this newspaper. It all started with a conversation with Chris Currie (the Hyattsville Life & Times’ current business manager). He was lamenting the fact that Hyattsville did not have a [read more]

From the Editor: 10 years, 120 issues, and 1 new website

July 9, 2014

BY SUSIE CURRIE — Our 10th anniversary issue is packed with news you need to know. But the biggest news on our end is the launch of Years in the making (or at least, in the pipeline), this longtime goal has become a reality under a sterling team of volunteers led by the [read more]

From the Editor: All politics is local

June 10, 2014

BY SUSIE CURRIE — In most places, election-day anticipation begins closer to the end of summer than the beginning. And yet, in Prince George’s County — where 78 percent of registered voters are Democrats — the political-ad deluge is already in full force. That’s because the primary, [read more]

From the Editor: This town is your town, this town is my town

May 15, 2014

BY ROSANNA LANDIS WEAVER — This is my final official editorial  for the Hyattsville Life & Times. On June 1, I begin a new full-time job with the As You Sow Foundation and need to end treasured part-time work.  Though the foundation is located in California I am fortunate to be able to work [read more]

From the Vice President: Building trust in Hyattsville

February 15, 2014

BY CHRIS CURRIE — Last fall, a reporter for the Hyattsville Life & Times saw an armored personnel carrier parked in the city’s Department of Public Works yard. His photos were recently forwarded to City Hall with a request for an explanation, but no city official admitted noticing the [read more]

From the Editor: School CEO off to good start

January 10, 2014

BY ROSANNA LANDIS WEAVER — Earlier this month it was announced that Prince George’s County Public School CEO Kevin Maxwell has been named one of four finalists for the 2014 National Superintendent of the Year. It is sad and cynical fact that long-time residents of Prince George’s County may [read more]

From the Editor: What drives decisions?

December 15, 2013

BY SUSIE CURRIE — In recent months, the Hyattsville City Council has spent hours discussing such issues as whether to support plans to build a car wash in the shadow of a Metro station, whether a drive-through McDonald’s has a place on East-West Highway, and what the new elementary school [read more]

From the Editor: Small-town journalism in 2013

November 13, 2013

BY ROSANNA LANDIS WEAVER — We essentially lost the Hyattsville Patch last month.  This wasn’t major news the way the closing of a newspaper once may have been: No printing presses stopped running, no typesetters were laid off. It comes as news to no one that the world of journalism has [read more]
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