Miss Floribunda

Miss Floribunda: What does non-GMO mean?

January 25, 2017

Dear Miss Floribunda,   Every January you tout a February seed sale and you always say that the seeds will be non-GMO. What does non-GMO mean? It’s fun to speculate: non-Gardening for Men Only; non-Generally Mediocre Options; non-Grossly Messy Offal — the possibilities are endless. If [read more]

Miss Floribunda: What is a Christmas rose?

December 20, 2016

Dear Miss Floribunda, What is a Christmas rose? I once heard a story about a little girl who, like the Little Drummer Boy, was too poor to give a gift to Baby Jesus. She didn’t have the Little Drummer Boy’s chutzpah or alleged talent, but instead stayed outside the stable and cried. An [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Which tulip bulbs will bloom year after year?

November 16, 2016

 Dear Miss Floribunda,   I am getting old and arthritic and planting bulbs in the fall is getting to be a chore I don’t want to continue for many more years. I have been planting naturalizing varieties of daffodils, snowdrops, iris reticulata, squills and grape hyacinths, which are quite [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Halloween List of Garden Horrors

October 15, 2016

Dear Miss Floribunda, Last October your “War of the Weeds” column gave a rundown on the most evil weeds invading our gardens. It actually helped me figure out what to pull out this year. Still, my garden has gone through a horrible summer due to insect damage. Maybe you could make a [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Protect your roses from insects

August 11, 2016

Dear Miss Floribunda, Thank you for introducing Dr. Huey last month. I’d never heard of this rose before, though I certainly knew the problem it causes. You mentioned hard winters and accidental injury being possible causes of Dr. Huey’s takeover. I have noticed something else that [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Advice on rose grafting

July 27, 2016

Dear Miss Floribunda, I am perplexed and annoyed. One of my rose bushes has changed the color of its flowers! When I planted it three years ago it produced beautiful urn­-shaped pink flowers and this year the blooms are dark red and very simple. The rose in question is Pink Peace. Do you know if [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Advice on dealing with an aphid infestation

June 18, 2016

Dear Miss Floribunda, I hope you can help me. My irises are crawling with aphids this year (so is my kale, but that’s another story). I’ve never seen aphids on my irises before. I have had them on some of my roses, and rose dust has helped. But the aphids seem to be damaging the flowers [read more]

Miss Floribunda: More advice for handling deer

May 15, 2016

Dear Miss Floribunda, I live right next to Magruder Park, so I can relate to how last month’s letter writer feels about trespassing deer. Your suggestions for ground covers that repel deer give me hope. Can you recommend deer-resistant plants for other areas of the garden? I’m [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Keeping displaced deer from eating your plants

April 10, 2016

Dear Miss Floribunda, Displacement of animal life due to nearby construction on Baltimore Ave. has caused my yard to become “home on the range,” where deer,if not antelope, have invaded. Christmas morning I noticed curved hollows on an area sloping to the street. At first I thought an [read more]
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