My Two Cents

My Two Cents: The Bradford Pear — beauty or beast?

January 23, 2015

BY LESLEY RIDDLE — About this time of year, we start to long for the first petals to bloom on our city’s many flowering trees. Among them is the Bradford Pear, once the county’s official tree, which usually grows 25 feet tall with a canopy nearly as wide, giving it a lovely round form. The [read more]

My Two Cents: Referendums: When is it our turn to decide?

December 9, 2014

BY RON PEDONE — Prior to January 5, 2015* the Hyattsville city council should make a couple of straightforward, uncomplicated decisions. One would be to permit the voting public to decide if they want to amend the city’s charter to lower the minimum voting age to 16. The other would be to [read more]

My Two Cents: Pets are not disposable

September 9, 2014

BY CHRISTIELYN DILLER — I love dogs in a cuckoo-for-Cocoa-Puffs sort of way. My adopted dog, Gwen, is more than a pet — she is my fur baby. She inspired me to start a career in animal welfare, to appreciate the corn-chip smell of her paws, and to think that it’s not entirely crazy for me to [read more]

The tremendous power of arts education

June 10, 2014

by Christine Dawson I’d like to share with you a personal story about the tremendous power of arts education. The link to the intellectual and psychological benefits of music and music study is already well established. Research has shown that musicians use both sides of their brain more heavily [read more]

A meaningful discussion about the tax rate

March 15, 2014

Patrick Paschall Shani Warner This year many Hyattsville homeowners are paying about $150 to 200 less in real property taxes to the City than they did the year before. This relatively modest tax savings came at the cost of a $1.1 million budget shortfall this year, and if the rate stays the same [read more]

My Two Cents: Resolve to help a local child this year

January 14, 2014

  BY BRITT JUNG — Can you imagine what it would be like to be a child living in foster care and have no one exclaiming “I want you!”?  To have no one fighting for you? That is the reality for hundreds of abused and neglected kids in foster care in Prince George’s County. That is why [read more]

Community needs to speak up to create something worth preserving

December 12, 2013

BY STUART EISENBERG — Do you want a great, kid- focused, non-profit arts school in Hyattsville, to round out our momentum-gaining Arts District? Who doesn’t want a proven, tasty, hip pizza restaurant in the neighborhood?  Gimme a slice!  If your answer is yes to these questions, then you had [read more]

My Two Cents: An Unwelcome Rite of Passage

October 9, 2013

BY SUSAN HINES — One of the most enjoyable aspects of life in Hyattsville is the city’s commitment to and celebration of walkability. Yet our “World within Walking Distance” is compromised when women and girls can’t travel those streets without being victimized by unwanted attention and [read more]
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