Nature Nearby

Nature Nearby: Night of the hunter

October 11, 2011

BY FRED SEITZ — As dusk sets in, an aerial ballet begins in the sky over Magruder Park and the Northwest Branch.  Birds are retreating to their evening roosts and a nocturnal cast of flyers take to the air.  A few swallows skim along the grass in the park. Evening walkers along the bike path [read more]

Nature Nearby: Return of the Natives

July 10, 2011

BY FRED SEITZ — Since 2005, the Anacostia Watershed Society and more than 250 volunteer “weed warriors” have been working to remove invasive species of plants in Magruder Park and other nearby areas. Their efforts are paying off; coordinator Marc Imlay estimates that approximately 80 [read more]

Nature Nearby: Avian attention-getters in our city

May 10, 2011

BY FRED SEITZ — For the past four years, residents of Oglethorpe Street have enjoyed (for the most part) the company and child-rearing of a group of Yellow-crowned Night Herons. Considerably smaller than the Great Blue Herons who frequent the Northwest Branch, they are 25 inches long and weigh [read more]
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