Hugh’s News: More misinformation from the mainstream media

May 15, 2012

BY HUGH TURLEY — Noted Catholic thinker Thomas Merton once wrote, “[I]n addition to the sheer volume of information, there is the even more portentous fact of falsification and misinformation by which those in power are often completely intent not only on misleading others but even on [read more]

From the Editor: Canines deserve care

May 10, 2012

BY PAULA MINAERT — I’ve always thought that Hyattsville residents are obsessed with three things: dogs, gardens and local politics (though I’ve changed my mind recently about that last one). I’m a dog person, so the great number of canines in our city is a real plus for me. I’ve known [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Betting on hedges

May 10, 2012

Dear Miss Floribunda, What would be an easy thing to plant for a hedge tall enough to screen out my next-door neighbors’ back yard? I like the neighbors, but they seem to think that plastic lawn furniture and statuary from tacky roadside souvenir stands is the ultimate in elegance. I have [read more]

Nature Nearby: Breaking news! A tree fell in the forest

April 10, 2012

BY FRED SEITZ — When weekend winds brought down a dead pine on top of Washington Gas’ new electronic gas line box last month, it definitely made a sound, much louder than that of one hand clapping. The fallen pine, near the Crittenden Street trailhead to Magruder Park, awakened some neighbors [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Ants in your plants?

April 10, 2012

Dear Miss Floribunda, Five years ago, I moved into a house with a garden notable for beds of beautiful peonies. For the past two springs, however, some groups have not bloomed despite plenty of buds. Adding fertilizer didn’t help. To add to my disappointment, ants overran the plants that did [read more]

From the Editor: The best of both worlds

April 10, 2012

BY PAULA MINAERT — A lot of new growth is happening here in Hyattsville. The Route 1 corridor has blossomed since Busboys & Poets and the other shops at Jefferson Street have opened. There’s a definite energy you can sense, something creative and exciting. And that energy has attracted [read more]

From the Editor: Who are we, anyway?

March 10, 2012

BY PAULA MINAERT — I often walk around the city. I don’t cover all of its 2.67 square miles but I’ve been to a large portion of it. And I’ve noticed, as I think most of us have, that Hyattsville has changed over the years. I decided to look at the 2010 census recently to see what I could [read more]

Postcards from the Past: Hunting eggs on Easter Monday

March 10, 2012

BY PEGGY DEE — In 1936, the City of Hyattsville was caught up in celebrating its 50th anniversary. The first annual Easter Egg Hunt was held in April and local women dyed 500 eggs for the event. By 1941, the Magruder Park event had become a highlight of each spring. By that time, there were [read more]

Hugh’s News: Presidential election choices?

March 10, 2012

BY HUGH TURLEY — The U.S. presidential election resembles the recent presidential race in Yemen. On February 21, Yemen elected President Abdurabu Mansur Hadi, the former Vice President under longtime ruler Ali Abdullah Saleh. Hadi was the only candidate on the ballot. On April 3, Barack Obama [read more]
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