Miss Floribunda: Keeping birds off your blueberries

September 10, 2011

Dear Miss Floribunda,  I like birds and would never put poisons on my plants, but I am feeling very, very frustrated after seeing my feathered friends devour everything edible on my blueberry bushes and my cherry tree this summer. I put netting on the bushes but those little pointy beaks seemed to [read more]

Hugh’s News: Are we gambling on our future?

September 10, 2011

BY HUGH TURLEY — Penn National Gaming, a Pennsylvania-based company, is gearing up to lobby the Maryland General Assembly for slot machines, table games, or both in Prince George’s County.  Advocates of the casino-style gambling at Rosecroft, near National Harbor, argue that it will provide [read more]

Legend and Lore: He put the Hyatt in Hyattsville

August 10, 2011

BY KIMBERLY SCHMIDT — “The chief business of the American people is business,” President Calvin Coolidge told the American Society of Newspaper Editors in 1925. One might take issue with Coolidge’s rather limited agenda for his constituents. But in looking back at Hyattsville’s past [read more]

From the Editor: If we only look closely …

August 10, 2011

BY PAULA MINAERT — Through the painter’s brushstrokes, I am present at an outdoor market in Amsterdam, around 1675. A large woman wearing a tall black hat is seated in front of a table of vegetables she is selling: carrots, cabbage, potatoes. Another woman, a customer argues with her, hands [read more]

Farewell to a beloved principal

August 10, 2011

BY SUSIE CURRIE AND PAULA MINAERT — Nearly 1,000 mourners turned out to pay final tribute to Sr. Joyce Volpini, SND, who was principal of St. Jerome School for 33 years. Known to generations of Hyattsville children as “Sister Joyce,” Volpini, who had battled cancer for years, died on July 31 [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Forsythia is your friend

August 10, 2011

Dear Miss Floribunda, In last month’s column you mentioned that coleus is easy to root in water.  I tried it and it worked. What else is so easy?  I am looking to expand my garden at no expense, so cuttings do seem the way to go. What else do you recommend?  I am wondering how hard would it be [read more]

Hugh’s News: First into Nagasaki

August 10, 2011

BY HUGH TURLEY — On August 6 and 9, 1945, Paul Tibbetts and Charles W. Sweeney piloted the bombers that dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A little-known fact almost stranger than fiction is that they were also the first Americans to go to Japan and see the devastation of their [read more]

Hugh’s News: Summer camp for leaders of the free world

July 10, 2011

BY HUGH TURLEY — This summer, the sweet fragrance of honeysuckle will be in the air as area children head off to sleep-away camp. On the West Coast, under the canopy of the California redwood forest, over 2,000 carefully chosen industrialists, bankers, government officials and other luminaries [read more]
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