From the Editor: Can we really listen to each other?

November 11, 2011

BY PAULA MINAERT — I attend many city council meetings for my job. They can be interesting and they can be tedious. And sometimes I find them distressing because of the tension I see in the members’ exchanges with each other. I’m not talking about healthy disagreements over issues. I’m [read more]

Nature Nearby: Night of the hunter

October 11, 2011

BY FRED SEITZ — As dusk sets in, an aerial ballet begins in the sky over Magruder Park and the Northwest Branch.  Birds are retreating to their evening roosts and a nocturnal cast of flyers take to the air.  A few swallows skim along the grass in the park. Evening walkers along the bike path [read more]

Hugh’s News: Ten years later, questions still linger

October 10, 2011

BY HUGH TURLEY — Summing up his creative exploits as a young reporter in Baltimore, H.L. Mencken once wrote with straight-faced understatement, “Journalism is not an exact science.” Mencken’s droll observation, made in a chapter of his autobiography called “The Synthesis of the News,” [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Moving outdoor plants, but not their bugs, inside

October 10, 2011

Dear Miss Floribunda, I am thinking of bringing my house plants back inside after their summer vacation outside. In the past I didn’t worry about insect pests. I used plant food sticks containing a systemic insecticide and never had any trouble. Then I had a baby, now a toddler. I am very careful [read more]

From the Editor: Were they the ‘good old days’?

October 10, 2011

BY PAULA MINAERT — A catalogue called Good Old Days came to our house the other day. It sold things I remember from my childhood but haven’t seen in years: Fizzies tablets to drop in water, metal ice-cube trays with levers you have to pull to get the cubes out, Sugar Daddies, a Fiddlestix [read more]

From the Editor: Let’s have less heat, more light

September 10, 2011

BY PAULA MINAERT — There seems to be no real middle ground when people talk about or write about the proposed Cafritz Corporation development in an area just north of Hyattsville. Some of them are really excited about the prospect of a Whole Foods store coming to the area and see it as an [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Keeping birds off your blueberries

September 10, 2011

Dear Miss Floribunda,  I like birds and would never put poisons on my plants, but I am feeling very, very frustrated after seeing my feathered friends devour everything edible on my blueberry bushes and my cherry tree this summer. I put netting on the bushes but those little pointy beaks seemed to [read more]

Hugh’s News: Are we gambling on our future?

September 10, 2011

BY HUGH TURLEY — Penn National Gaming, a Pennsylvania-based company, is gearing up to lobby the Maryland General Assembly for slot machines, table games, or both in Prince George’s County.  Advocates of the casino-style gambling at Rosecroft, near National Harbor, argue that it will provide [read more]
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