Postcards from the Past

Postcards from the Past: Hunting eggs on Easter Monday

March 10, 2012

BY PEGGY DEE — In 1936, the City of Hyattsville was caught up in celebrating its 50th anniversary. The first annual Easter Egg Hunt was held in April and local women dyed 500 eggs for the event. By 1941, the Magruder Park event had become a highlight of each spring. By that time, there were [read more]

Postcards from the Past: Christmas in Hyattsville Past

December 10, 2011

BY PEGGY DEE — Unlike the Christmas season of today, which begins the day after Halloween, Christmas in the early days of Hyattsville truly began the day after Thanksgiving. Mothers would gather up their children, walk down to the streetcar access below Route 1, and board the car for downtown [read more]
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