Bike class turns cyclists into DIY mechanics

March 18, 2013

BY SCARLETT SALEM — Cycling, whether for leisure or competition, can be fun … unless you face a mechanical problem you can’t solve. What if you have a flat tire in the middle of a long bike ride? Or what if your chain pops off on the way to work? Arrow Bicycle, located at 5108 [read more]

Sixth graders to join Hyattsville Middle School next year

March 7, 2013

BY SUSIE CURRIE — As reported in the December issue of the HL&T, Hyattsville Middle School will indeed add sixth graders this fall. On February 21, the Prince George’s County School Board approved the change as part of the larger Boundary, Grade and Program Improvements plan. The policy [read more]

College Park Academy moves forward

March 7, 2013

BY ROSANNA LANDIS WEAVER — About 450 students applied to the new College Park Academy for the 300 slots (150 each for 6th and 7th grade) by the January 31 deadline. The school is scheduled to open this fall in the former St. Mark’s School on Adelphi Road in Hyattsville. On February 6, 300 [read more]

Wishes granted for local schools

January 15, 2013

BY SUSIE CURRIE — Two area schools started 2013 with major donations. Hyattsville Elementary School’s Rainy Day Games campaign, set up in December as a Wish List on, brought in more than 100 new games in its first month. Principal Julia Burton worked with the staff to identify items [read more]

Charter school to open in Hyattsville

January 15, 2013

BY ROSANNA LANDIS WEAVER — A new public charter school will be opening for 6th and 7th graders this fall. Though it is called the College Park Academy (CPA), its first home will be in Hyattsville. The public charter school was founded by the College Park City-University Partnership, an [read more]

Sixth graders may join Hyattsville Middle School next year

December 10, 2012

BY ROSANNA LANDIS WEAVER — The opening of Hyattsville’s new elementary school has been delayed until 2014, but some elementary school students may start the next academic year at a new school under a plan that would shift sixth-graders to Hyattsville Middle School. The news came at the [read more]
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