Miss Floribunda: Outfoxing the squirrels who want your tomatoes

August 10, 2012

Dear Miss Floribunda, This hot weather seems to agree with tomatoes because I have a bumper crop this year. However, the beneficiaries of the crop are the hordes of squirrels that get to them before I do! The best I can do is pick them when they first start to ripen and put them in the windows, but [read more]

My Two Cents: Does your baby smoke?

August 10, 2012

BY KIMBERLY SCHMIDT — The words “Honey, I’m pregnant” are often followed, in six to nine months, by Severe Nesting Syndrome. Every corner of the house is scrubbed, organized and decorated. Paint colors are chosen, and the merits of strollers and diapers are discussed with more vigor than an [read more]

From the president: What I liked about living in Hyattsville

July 10, 2012

BY JULIA DUIN — A For Sale sign that sprouted in my front yard the first week of June was what got the news out that my sojourn in Hyattsville was coming to an end. I had mentally planned to be here a lot longer, but getting laid off two years ago from The Washington Times changed all that. I [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Herbs safe choice for summer gardening

July 10, 2012

Dear Miss Floribunda, I am new to this area and to gardening.  Coming from New England, I was advised to expect a long, hot summer.  When I started a garden this spring, I wasted money buying plants from local nurseries assuming that whatever is sold in this area will do well in this area.  [read more]

Play ball! Coach brings his A game to T-ball

June 15, 2012

HMB’s two T-ball teams, the White Tigers and the Gold Tigers, congratulate each other after a game as Gold coach Michael Adams looks on. Photo by Catie Currie. BY CATIE CURRIE — The batter from the Beltsville-Adelphi Boys and Girls Club grounded the ball to Hyattsville pitcher Evan [read more]

Legend & Lore: Charcoal for the teeth: Women’s lives in 1812

June 15, 2012

BY KIMBERLY SCHMIDT — “We’ll start preparing for the evening meal at 2:45, with plans to eat at 5:30,” announced Ann Wass, organizer of “The 1812 Woman of Riversdale” workshop. Held on a May weekend at the Riversdale House Museum, the event was a 19th-century immersion complete with a [read more]

Miss Floribunda: The war against roses

June 9, 2012

Dear Readers, This month we present a repeat of a past column because the topic is so timely. In June 2010 I was shown a rose bush with “witch’s broom” sprouts. This is a sign of a deadly wind-borne virus that can wipe out every rose bush in the region. Now another instance has popped up in [read more]

PHOTO: 92nd birthday bash for 53-year Hyattsville resident

May 25, 2012

BY CHRIS CURRIE — Mildred Carroll, who has lived in her Hyattsville home since 1959, celebrated her 92nd birthday on May 24 in the Gold Room at St. Jerome Church. Many of her 14 children still live in the area; sons Tommy (at left, in blue) and Chris (in yellow) each have homes on her [read more]

Artists add local color to annual historic house tour

May 10, 2012

Monna Kauppinen shows her painting of Gallatin Street greenery, one of several she’s done featuring foliage from the city’s annual Historic House Tour. BY SUSIE CURRIE — Members of the Hyattsville Community Arts Alliance exhibit their work throughout the year at Franklins and the [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Betting on hedges

May 10, 2012

Dear Miss Floribunda, What would be an easy thing to plant for a hedge tall enough to screen out my next-door neighbors’ back yard? I like the neighbors, but they seem to think that plastic lawn furniture and statuary from tacky roadside souvenir stands is the ultimate in elegance. I have [read more]
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