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Miss Floribunda: Tomato grafting 101

February 22, 2018

Dear Miss Floribunda, My basement is full of maybe a gazillion tomato seedlings, doing well under fluorescent light. I guess I lost my head at your seed sale and overbought. I couldn’t wait to get them planted, and they sprouted almost immediately. Now I realize that I’d need an acre of [read more]

Then & Now: Unmapping segregation

February 22, 2018

BY STUART EISENBERG — With debates ranging regionally over the legacy of tolerating monuments to leaders of the Confederacy in public spaces, one may ponder, “What does institutional racism look like locally? Where does it dwell in Hyattsville?” One form in which I find institutional racism [read more]

Sign of change: Nicholson St. to receive traffic signal

February 21, 2018

BY MARIA D. JAMES — Applause filled the room inside the Municipal Building on Jan. 17, when Gregory Slater, administrator of the Maryland Department of Transportation’s (MDOT) State Highway Administration, announced that a traffic light will go up at the intersection of Nicholson Street and [read more]

Community builder receives Employee of the Year award

February 21, 2018

BY MEAGAN MILLER — Approximately two years ago, City Administrator Tracy Nicholson and Director of Community & Economic Development Jim Chandler were looking for someone who could help the City of Hyattsville’s Community & Economic Development Department. They wanted someone who could [read more]

New co-working space opens in Arts District

February 21, 2018

BY BRANDY SPEARS — One of the newest businesses joining the Hyattsville community is a co-working and entertainment space. Located at 4214 Gallatin Street in Hyattsville’s Gateway Arts District, CAMPspace targets young business professionals and offers a chic environment packed with [read more]

From the Editor: What’s in a name?

February 21, 2018

BY MARIA D. JAMES — A few years ago, my brother, my sister and I decided to go visit our late father’s brother for a family get-together. A visit to my Uncle Bernard’s always meant laughter and a delicious meal, and this visit didn’t disappoint. As we ate, the conversation transitioned into [read more]

My Two Cents: Pausing for wise development

February 21, 2018

BY LOIRE PRZYGRODZKI — I am an architectural designer at a mid-sized firm in Bethesda. During an informal meeting at our office, I thought a lot about development and Hyattsville. My boss was talking about our social responsibility to help developers see how construction can enhance a community. [read more]

Old MacDonald had an urban farm

January 22, 2018

BY LINDSAY MYERS — Access to fresh, locally grown food may just get a little easier for residents in this county. The Prince George’s County Planning Department is currently rewriting over 1,200 pages of zoning ordinances and subdivision regulations that govern the way certain geographical [read more]
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