PHOTOS: Riders speed through the city during Route 1 Rampage

April 3, 2017

BY KRISSI HUMBARD — The second Route 1 Rampage racers took off from the starting line just north of Gallatin Street on Route 1 at 8 a.m. on April 1. Races ran all day, and each lasted 25 to 60 minutes. Competitors in the race ranged from amateur to collegiate and pro with prizes from [read more]

Bike class turns cyclists into DIY mechanics

March 18, 2013

BY SCARLETT SALEM — Cycling, whether for leisure or competition, can be fun … unless you face a mechanical problem you can’t solve. What if you have a flat tire in the middle of a long bike ride? Or what if your chain pops off on the way to work? Arrow Bicycle, located at 5108 [read more]