City council approves $80,000 for National Fitness Campaign

November 15, 2017

BY BREANNA BELL — In a unanimous decision, Hyattsville’s city council voted during their Oct. 16 meeting to approve the amendments to the 2018 budget appropriating $80,000 for a fitness court as part of the city’s partnership with the National Fitness Campaign. The city’s decision comes [read more]

Doing wellness well: local event covers health issues

February 15, 2014

Since 1995 Joe’s Movement Emporium has been a home to all types of artists and innovative programming.  In this spirit, it hosted the annual Wellness Fair on January 26 in an effort to promote good health within the community.  The event featured yoga classes, demonstrations and lectures, [read more]

New podiatrist ‘has big shoes to fill’

November 16, 2013

BY MAX BENNETT — When Dr. Mark Sugar hung up his lab coat at the end of October after practicing on Belcrest Road for nearly four decades, it marked the first time in about 70 years there will be no Dr. Sugar in the Hyattsville area. The streak began with his father, Dr. Sam Sugar, a general [read more]

What you should be told about Hepatitis C

February 18, 2013

– HUGH TURLEY – Journalists sometimes fail to tell the whole truth. It happened again on January 14, during National Public Radio correspondent Richard Knox’s report on the Hepatitis C virus (HCV), a leading cause of both liver failure and liver cancer. The virus, discovered in 1989, [read more]