Hyatt Park

City seeks resident input on Hyatt Park revamp

January 17, 2018

BY HOLLY BREVIG — If you could plan your own park, what would it look like? On Jan. 9, the city held a community design workshop for Hyatt Park to find out what residents would like to see in the western section of the park, which is currently an open, grassy area. City staff wanted to hear what [read more]

PHOTOS: Hyatt Park playground gets a makeover

November 20, 2014

BY NANCY GILLETTE AND REBECCA BENNETT — Utilizing a grant awarded this year, the City of Hyattsville redeveloped the playground next to the community garden at Hyatt Park, which was approximately a $120,000 project. Ken Brees of Custom Playgrounds Inc. helped install the new outdoor facility. As [read more]