Hyattsville Horticulture Society

Miss Floribunda: Pollination and pests

January 17, 2019

Dear Miss Floribunda, I have decided to plant a pollinator-friendly garden this year. However, I suspect that this is trickier than most of us think. For instance, I visited a honeybee sanctuary last summer and saw bees simply swarming around in a tall stand of catnip. That’s great, but [read more]

Miss Floribunda: What does non-GMO mean?

January 25, 2017

Dear Miss Floribunda,   Every January you tout a February seed sale and you always say that the seeds will be non-GMO. What does non-GMO mean? It’s fun to speculate: non-Gardening for Men Only; non-Generally Mediocre Options; non-Grossly Messy Offal — the possibilities are endless. If [read more]

Miss Floribunda: The problem may be with the soil

January 22, 2016

Dear Miss Floribunda, For several years now I have purchased seeds during the Hyattsville Horticultural Society seed sale in early February and usually I have been satisfied. However, last year the tomato plants I started didn’t perform well.  They developed fine indoors and seemed to thrive [read more]

PHOTOS: Hyattsville Horticultural Society seed sale

February 8, 2015

BY CAROLINE SELLE — The Sixth Annual Hyattsville Horticultural Society Seed Sale took place on Feb. 7 at the Hyattsville Municipal Building.  Organizers said there was a great selection of seeds from Hart and Landreth Heirloom seed companies.  Several educational displays were to be set up on [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Horticulture society seed sale preview

January 26, 2015

Dear Miss Floribunda, I love to cook and am pretty good at it. To me the secret is good ingredients, and I spend a lot on organic produce. My gardening friends urge me to start a culinary garden in my backyard this summer, but I am brown-thumbed. I am told that I ought to start with herbs because [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Tips for starting new seeds

February 18, 2013

Dear Miss Floribunda, I attended the Hyattsville Horticultural Society seed sale February 9 and got quite a few packets of things I’d like to start as soon as possible. But I’ve tried to start plants indoors before without much success. As often as not, I don’t get them [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Seeds to please bees

January 9, 2012

Dear Miss Floribunda, I heard through the grapevine that the Hyattsville Horticultural Society is going to make the seed sale an annual event and that the next one will be in early February. Is that true? If so, what will be offered that would attract bees to my garden? What with all the news of [read more]
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