Hyattsville Urban Growers

My Two Cents: One last tree hug

November 15, 2017

BY LESLEY RIDDLE — I have always been a tree hugger. Growing up in northern New Jersey, I was surrounded by old-growth trees, much like those in the City of Hyattsville. I remember the two giants that graced our own front yard, a magnificent eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) and a horse [read more]

New gardening group targets food growers

February 18, 2013

Joe Ludes with some of last summer’s bounty from his double-lot garden on 44th Avenue. Photo by Jeannette Soon-Ludes. BY GRETCHEN BRODTMAN — A small but hardy group of Hyattsville residents gathered in the snow on Super Bowl Sunday in neighbor Joe Ludes’ yard to lay the plans for a new [read more]