Native Plant Sale

Native Plant Sale becoming mainstay for area gardeners

May 26, 2015

BY SCARLETT SALEM — Just in time for spring gardening, the Hyattsville Elementary School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) held their 6th Annual Native Plant Sale on Saturday, May 16 at Hyattsville Elementary School on 43rd Avenue. What may seem like a novel fundraising idea has proven widly [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Roses added to native plant sale offerings

May 20, 2013

Dear Miss Floribunda, I hear that the Hyattsville Elementary School PTA will probably have another native plant sale this month, though I don’t have the details. I like what I got at past sales, but don’t need more of the same. Is the sale returning this year, and if so, is anything new [read more]

Miss Floribunda: What to grow for a garden full of butterflies

April 10, 2011

Dear Miss Floribunda, My store is located in a heavy-traffic area, with the pollution and nerve-wracking noise that always goes with it. In back is a bit of ground that faces east, as well as a fairly long strip to one side that faces north. Last year, my wife bought an assortment of annual seeds [read more]
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