Nature Nearby: The fungus among us

September 20, 2017

BY FRED SEITZ — The extensive rain in the past few months has raised the visibility of one of the most adaptive, diverse and mysterious organisms: fungus. A walk in the woods will reveal fungi from the familiar toadstools, to various shelf-type fungi on trees and logs, to some brilliant [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Some plants can be put in a a cold frame

February 13, 2016

Dear Miss Floribunda, I bought quite a few packages of seeds at the Hyattsville Horticultural Society garden fair this month and would like to get them planted. However, I don’t want to go through the mess of starting them indoors. I don’t even like potted plants indoors and am of the [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Christmas Cactus concerns

December 8, 2015

Dear Miss Floribunda, Every December I buy a  beautiful Christmas cactus and by the next December it is history. I thought cacti thrived on neglect but no matter what I do, I can’t keep this kind alive. Last month you passed on some gardening advice that you got from your sister-in-law from [read more]

Native Plant Sale becoming mainstay for area gardeners

May 26, 2015

BY SCARLETT SALEM — Just in time for spring gardening, the Hyattsville Elementary School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) held their 6th Annual Native Plant Sale on Saturday, May 16 at Hyattsville Elementary School on 43rd Avenue. What may seem like a novel fundraising idea has proven widly [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Clay troubles

May 19, 2015

Dear Miss Floribunda, I’ve lived and gardened in Hyattsville nearly three years now, and I feel like such a loser. My yard wasn’t landscaped by the previous owners and I think it is because nothing but wire grass survives more than a month or so. I blame the clay soil in this area. [read more]

Nature Nearby: Spring rains open the witches’ umbrellas

May 19, 2015

FRED SEITZ The recent mini-deluges have helped “spring up” one of the woodland’s familiar leafy faces, the mayapple, also known as the witches’ umbrella, the American mandrake, or the hog apple. The plant has umbrella like leaves and may grow up to two feet tall. It favors moist soil and [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Horticulture society seed sale preview

January 26, 2015

Dear Miss Floribunda, I love to cook and am pretty good at it. To me the secret is good ingredients, and I spend a lot on organic produce. My gardening friends urge me to start a culinary garden in my backyard this summer, but I am brown-thumbed. I am told that I ought to start with herbs because [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Dreaming of chrysanthemums in winter

November 18, 2014

Dear Miss Floribunda, It is autumn and the nurseries, supermarkets, and roadside stands are taunting me with flowering chrysanthemum plants in absolutely thrilling colors. I don’t buy them any longer because they never make it through the winter. You once wrote that chrysanthemums should be [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Identifying pretty, invasive plants

October 9, 2014

Dear Miss Floribunda, Of late you have been raising my consciousness about the dangers of certain invasive volunteer plants and I wonder if I am wrong to tolerate a number of weeds because I think they are pretty.  I recognize the golden rod, the purple thistles that bring beautiful gold finches [read more]