Zero Waste of Time: The impact of fast fashion

October 14, 2019

By JULIETTE FRADIN — “I have nothing to wear”; “I need an outfit for that next event”; “I don’t fit in half of my clothes.” If the feeling is familiar, you are not alone; The world consumes about 80 billion of new clothing each year.  This is what we call fast fashion: companies [read more]

Zero Waste of Time: when recycling is not enough

March 20, 2019

By JULIETTE FRADIN — A few months ago, I, along with my husband and two young kids, embarked on a journey towards zero waste. It all started when I discovered that less than 10 percent of our plastic waste is actually recycled. The rest goes to landfills or is incinerated. I was totally shocked [read more]

Full Bigbelly roll-out way over city budget

November 4, 2015

ALSO: City considers solar-powered waste bin pilot program BY REBECCA BENNETT — The initial cost estimate of the Bigbelly solar-powered trash bins was more than three times the budgeted amount of $30,000, and prohibits the city from doing a full-scale implementation, Hyattsville City [read more]

City considers solar-powered waste bin pilot program

October 26, 2015

BY SAM STERN – A representative from Bigbelly, a solar-based recycling company, presented a preliminary outline for an overhaul of Hyattsville’s waste removal to the Hyattsville City Council on Oct. 19. Bigbelly is an international recycling and garbage company that uses software and solar [read more]

Update your fall wardrobe with a clothing swap

September 15, 2014

– LAUREN FLYNN KELLY – Twice a year, my neighborhood friends and I get together for a clothing swap. At the start of every spring and fall, we give our closets a second look. Before hauling stuff we no longer want to Value Village, we pull some of the items we think would work better on [read more]

New Thrift Store Widens the Treasure Hunt

February 15, 2014

Lauren Flynn Kelly Growing up outside New York City, I spent many a weekend scouring the antique clothing stores of the East Village for that perfectly worn-in vintage T-shirt or a faux fur coat fit for one of the Isley Brothers. But it was the consignment shops in and around my quaint New Jersey [read more]
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