Riverdale Park

PHOTOS: Riverdale Park 2015 Festival of Lights and Holiday Market

December 20, 2015

BY MARK GOODSON — The Riverdale Park Festival of Lights and Holiday Market had the typical Riverdale Farmer’s Market feel. Local vendors, craftspeople and artists offered provided a variety of entertainment and items for purchase. In addition, the holiday spirit was in the air. It was a mild [read more]

Speed camera testing on East West Highway Wednesday

August 20, 2014

View Larger Map According to the The Riverdale Park Police Department, speed camera testing will be conducted on August 20 from 10:00am to 1:00pm in the 5000 Blk of East-West Hwy. Due to the possibility of traffic congestion, police advise commuters to seek alternative [read more]

Calvert House Inn Closes after 51 years in business

February 15, 2014

BY ROSANNA LANDIS WEAVER — February 1 was much like any other day at Calvert House Inn, Restaurant and Pub. On the walls were glowing restaurant reviews from 20 years ago. Right outside the door was an oversize metal ashtray. At the tables were dishes of stuffed shrimp or Angus ribeye. And [read more]

Pride and Prejudice — and Coffee

April 20, 2013

BY JANE MURPHY — “Elizabeth’s mind was too full for conversation, but she saw and admired every remarkable spot and point of view.” This is how Elizabeth Bennet reacts to the elegant estate of Pemberley in Jane Austen’s 19th-century novel Pride and Prejudice. And on March 9, an excited [read more]

Book on Riverdale Park history released

December 11, 2011

BY SUSIE CURRIE — Congratulations to the Historical Association of Riverdale Park on Images of America: Riverdale Park, the latest in a series by Arcadia Publishing. (Hyattsville’s, you may remember, was published in 2008). Donald Lynch, Tom Alderson and Melissa Avery co-authored the [read more]