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Hyattsville City Council works on regulating rates for renters

November 15, 2017

BY HARRISON CANN — With a growing Hyattsville population and more development projects on the horizon, Hyattsville City Council is preparing an ordinance to protect renters from increasing rent prices. According to a memo from the July 17 council meeting, the rent stabilization and renter [read more]

Hyattsville joins AARP Age-Friendly Community network

July 6, 2017

BY DANA PATTERSON —The City of Hyattsville has joined the AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities to become a liveable community that promotes services for all residents with diverse needs. At the June 5 city council meeting, Community Director Jake Rollow gave an update on the status of making [read more]

Auntie Diluviana: Taking care of seniors

May 22, 2014

Dear Auntie, I hear that Hyattsville Aging in Place (HAP) wants the city to include a full-time senior services coordinator in its next budget. Why does Hyattsville need such a position? Doesn’t HAP take care of old people? Puzzled on Powhatan   Auntie Diluviana Dear Puzzled, Emily Stowers, [read more]

Aging in Place Program Launches

February 18, 2013

– AUNTIE DILUVIANA – I received many queries recently along the lines of: “We’ve heard so much lately about Hyattsville Aging in Place. Has it started operations? How does it work?” Well, Auntie can now announce that the volunteer program launched on February 6. As many of you [read more]

Auntie Diluviana: Being safe at home

March 10, 2012

BY SALLY MIDDLETON — How to make our homes safe and accessible as we age was the topic when architects Mark Ferguson and Mike Arnold spoke to an audience of at least 40 at the Municipal Building. Sponsored by the Hyattsville Preservation Association (HPA), the February 9 talk and slide show [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Gardening for seniors

February 8, 2012

Dear Miss Floribunda, The days are getting longer and I should be looking forward to summer, but I’m not. Maybe because I’m getting on in years I find myself dreading the drudgery of mowing the lawn in the hot sun, weeding, pruning and all the hard work it takes to keep my garden beautiful.  I [read more]

From the Editor: Were they the ‘good old days’?

October 10, 2011

BY PAULA MINAERT — A catalogue called Good Old Days came to our house the other day. It sold things I remember from my childhood but haven’t seen in years: Fizzies tablets to drop in water, metal ice-cube trays with levers you have to pull to get the cubes out, Sugar Daddies, a Fiddlestix [read more]
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