WSSC building

My Two Cents: A horrible Hyattsville Day happening

May 31, 2019

Update: As of May 30, police have charged four teenagers in the incident described below. By ROSE BYRNE — Actually, a letter to my Hyattsville neighbors. Did you know this happened on Hyattsville Day [April 27]? As I sat on my Hamilton Street porch on Sunday afternoon with neighbors, the mood was [read more]

WSSC building scheduled for demolition

May 30, 2019

UPDATE: On June 30, Karl Granzow said that because of changes being made to July Fourth programming in downtown D.C., the Department of Transportation rescinded all the road permits for the large machinery that would be necessary for demolition until after July 4. Therefore, Werrlein Properties [read more]

District Council ruling puts Werrlein in the zone

May 27, 2019

By HEATHER WRIGHT — Werrlein Properties is one step closer toward breaking ground on its Magruder Pointe project. On May 13, Prince George’s County District Council voted, in a unanimous decision (8-0, with one abstention), to approve with conditions the rezoning of the former Washington [read more]

Then and Now: Tracing the origins of the WSSC headquarters

June 22, 2018

By STUART EISENBERG — Whether it’s the villain or the beleaguered hero of your vision for a better Hyattsville, the WSSC headquarters has an origin story that ties into other aspects of the Hyattsville community development story. Exploring plats, land transfers and uses prior to the present [read more]

My Two Cents: Letters to the Editor

May 15, 2018

By ELIZABETH DAIGNEAU — I found [the April Letter to the Editor concerning the Werrlein Properties’ proposal] to be in extremely poor taste. I don’t object to [the writer’s] opposition to the proposed Magruder Pointe development, although I support [the development] and believe our [read more]
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