‘Breaking the Horizon’ mural at West Hyattsville Metro complete

The "Breaking the Horizon" mural at the West Hyattsville Metro Station has been completed. Photo by Krissi Humbard

In May, residents, local officials and kids followed the lead of artists Henry Portillo and Cory Stowers to paint a community mural at West Hyattsville Metro Station. The event, “Bursting on the Scene,” was organized by the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation (CDC) in collaboration with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. The community finished the base of the mural titled “Breaking the Horizon” that day, and the artists planned to add details to finish up the project. There were a few weather and scheduling delays, but the mural is now complete! The artists added details like the black border at the top and bottom of the mural, the eye-catching power lines, and outlines and details to make the mural pop. Take a look next time you’re on your way to catch a train.

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