Postcards from the Past

Memories of a high school before Northwestern

September 16, 2014

– PEGGY DEE – One recent summer afternoon, I visited with my friend Betty on her front porch in the 3900 block of Oliver Street. Her family has lived there since December 1939, when they moved here from Wisconsin, and Betty has many memories of growing up in Hyattsville During our [read more]

Carol Kimbell, 1934-2013

February 15, 2014

Peggy Dee Many residents of Ward 4 still miss Carol Ann Colson Kimbell, who sadly passed away on September 21 at the age of 79. Raised in Washington, D.C., Carol had been a resident of Hyattsville since 1959. She was a tireless civic activist and attended many city council meetings. Fighting for [read more]

New friends with old memories

November 18, 2013

– PEGGY DEE – I recently had the pleasure of meeting a delightful 88-years-young gentleman, John Small, who grew up in Hyattsville.  Although he now resides in Montgomery County, his heart remains here. As he was born in 1925, John saw the effects of the Great Depression.  His father [read more]

Postcards from the Past: Masons build a legacy in Hyattsville

September 10, 2013

BY PEGGY DEE — In the 45 years I’ve lived in Hyattsville, I have always had a curiosity about the stately, red-brick building on the corner of 43rd Avenue and Gallatin Street. Thanks to neighbors Ruth and Cecil Ramsey and Larry Hinds, I had a very thorough tour of the structure in mid-June [read more]

Postcards from the Past: What Hyattsville was like 45 years ago

June 8, 2013

BY PEGGY DEE — I moved to Hyattsville on June 26, 1968, making me a 45-year resident this month.  I often daydream back to that mild summer day when the moving van unloaded my family and I to a duplex house on 41st Avenue.  We moved out from northeast Washington and the home where I was raised. [read more]

Postcards from the Past: Church celebrates 70 years of service

December 10, 2012

BY PEGGY DEE — Congratulations to the Ager Road United Methodist Church on the occasion of its 70th anniversary! On June 26, 1942, a group of 69 people met on a porch in the Brookside Manor neighborhood of Green Meadows to hold Sunday services. The Reverend Edgar W. Beckett of the First [read more]

Postcards from the Past: Dear old Golden Rule days

September 10, 2012

BY PEGGY DEE — As children begin their academic year at Hyattsville Elementary School, we look back at the history of HES. Its first site was at 43rd Avenue and Farragut Street; later it moved to a new building at Gallatin Street and 42nd Place. A growing population led to a second school being [read more]
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