Secondhand News

Secondhand News: Home is where the art is at Forty Third Place

February 13, 2016

BY LAUREN FLYNN KELLY — During a 10-year stint in Chicago, Hyattsville native Blake Sloane made a name for himself by creating beautiful things out of salvaged and reclaimed wood. Since 2014, the self-taught carpenter and woodworker has carved out a spot in the Hyattsville home he lovingly [read more]

Secondhand News: Give back by “shopping” your local church

December 7, 2015

BY LAUREN FLYNN KELLY — When patronizing a big-box thrift store, it’s often unclear who you’re helping in the process. Will the proceeds from your purchase benefit charities nearby? Will your donated clothes be sent abroad to people in need? Sometimes you just don’t know, especially when [read more]

Secondhand News: Why do I DIY? It’s in the genes

August 17, 2015

LAUREN FLYNN KELLY — Hyattsville loves to give things a second chance. It’s apparent from the bathtub planters and palette fences in our front yards to the former H Street N.E. corridor planters that line the streets. The infamous library saucer will even be incorporated in the building’s [read more]

Secondhand News: As Thrift Stores Close, Can Old Stay New?

June 17, 2015

LAUREN FLYNN KELLY — On a recent trip to the beach, I was disappointed to see that one of my favorite little back road antiques stores was closed. Like a farewell scene on a soap opera, a montage instantly played in my mind of all the things I’d seen there during past visits: Fisher Price toys [read more]

Secondhand News: Exploring used vinyl beyond the thrift store

March 17, 2015

LAUREN FLYNN KELLY — My addiction to other people’s old stuff has been well documented, but my husband has his own addiction: records. He often disappears into the basement for hours at a time to spin jazz records; sometimes he even takes our youngest on his “crate digging” excursions. And [read more]

Update your fall wardrobe with a clothing swap

September 15, 2014

– LAUREN FLYNN KELLY – Twice a year, my neighborhood friends and I get together for a clothing swap. At the start of every spring and fall, we give our closets a second look. Before hauling stuff we no longer want to Value Village, we pull some of the items we think would work better on [read more]

Give your backyard a lift with repurposed goods

July 9, 2014

– LAUREN FLYNN KELLY – In between bouts of summer rain and the occasional battle with a tiger mosquito, I love to get outside. My outdoor to-do list this summer includes finally putting some leftover patio pavers and an old shutter door to use as DIY planters. Luckily, the surplus, [read more]

Radiating an eclectic charm

April 15, 2014

Lauren Flynn Kelly Vintage House Parts has everything … including the kitchen sink While driving from Hyattsville to Washington, D.C. on Rhode Island Avenue, you may have passed a building on your right surrounded by concrete planters, rusty gates and radiators. You might have been curious about [read more]

New Thrift Store Widens the Treasure Hunt

February 15, 2014

Lauren Flynn Kelly Growing up outside New York City, I spent many a weekend scouring the antique clothing stores of the East Village for that perfectly worn-in vintage T-shirt or a faux fur coat fit for one of the Isley Brothers. But it was the consignment shops in and around my quaint New Jersey [read more]
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