My Two Cents: Our diverse community

August 1, 2018

By MARK GOODSON — When searching for a home eight years ago, my wife and I were most attracted by the neighborliness of the Hyattsville community. We met two neighbors while viewing our home; one had lived here for three decades, the other a lifetime. We were struck by the strength of the [read more]

Weaving a family through adoption

April 9, 2016

BY ANDREW MARDER — Local resident and former Hyattsville Life and Times editor Rosanna Weaver recently published her first book, Weaving a Family: Genetics, Identity, and Adoption. The mother of three adopted children, Weaver worked on the book for over three years before it was released. The [read more]

Being “Mom” to dozens

October 11, 2011

BY CYNTHIA WAY — When Duyen, an 11-year-old orphan in Vietnam, asked me if she could call me Mom, I was a little freaked out. My friend Bonnie (from Tampa, Fla.) and I were visiting Ham Tan Orphanage in Vietnam in 2008 with our other friend, Rebecca (from Hyattsville), who was there to adopt [read more]
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