Composting program expands in the new year

January 24, 2020

By SOPHIE GORMAN ORIANI — The time has finally come: The City of Hyattsville has introduced a citywide compost pickup. When Hyattsville launched a pilot compost pickup program in 2015, it proved immediately popular. The program had a waiting list, and many residents expressed a desire to have the [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Intro to permaculture

April 22, 2019

Dear Miss Floribunda,   What is permaculture? I caught a snatch on a cable TV channel about it, and apparently it eliminates weeding and replanting. I am certainly tired of weeding! Is this too good to be true?   Lazy on Livingston Street Dear Lazy, Permaculture (“permanent” [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Cautious composting

September 24, 2018

Dear Miss Floribunda, Last month you advised “Uber-Organic” that home compost is usually well-balanced for the vegetable garden. It would be a lot less expensive than purchased compost or plant food and would be a great way to get smelly kitchen garbage out of the house. I’d like [read more]

Miss Floribunda: Tomato trouble

August 15, 2018

Dear Miss Floribunda, Last spring I found a full compost bin in the backyard of the house we bought in Hyattsville, so my husband and I started our first vegetable patch. Beans, squash and corn are doing well, but the tomatoes not so good. The plants themselves are large, but we didn’t see [read more]

Hyattsville begins pilot composting program

March 16, 2015

BY CAROLINE SELLE — The City of Hyattsville is launching a pilot composting program, and it’s already at capacity. Participants are spread out throughout the city and will begin separating their food scraps from trash this spring. “I think it took a day to get 40 people into the program,” [read more]
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