Streetcar 82 Brewing Co.

Streetcar 82 plans to host food truck hub on Saturdays

March 23, 2019

By CAMILA VELLOSO — Streetcar 82 Brewing Co. is one step closer to operating a food truck hub in Hyattsville. “We want to become a food truck hub because we believe that it will draw more foot traffic and thereby help revitalize the area around us,” said Jon Cetrano, co-owner of Streetcar 82. [read more]

We say goodbye, and we say hello, hello, hello

January 10, 2019

By HEATHER WRIGHT — As 2018 ebbs away, we take this opportunity to look across the expanse of the receding year, reflecting on what we as a community lost and what we gained. Goodbye In 2018, we said goodbye to a number of people who served the City of Hyattsville long and well. In July, two [read more]

Beer, community flow at Hyattsville’s newest brewery

September 4, 2018

By MATT HUMBARD — With all permits in hand and inspections completed, the long-awaited opening of Hyattsville’s newest brewery is here. Streetcar 82 Brewing Co. is the second brewery to call Hyattsville home. The owners say it’s been a long — and at times frustrating — process to [read more]
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