My Two Cents: An education fight we can all support

September 3, 2019

By PETER DANIELS — Hyattsville residents have engaged in a vigorous debate recently over the location of a desperately needed new middle school. As students prepare for a new year of learning, I want everybody in our community to be aware of another crucial education debate that will play out [read more]

Parents, rejoice! City fixes gate at King Park

February 5, 2019

The gate at the tot lot playground on Gallatin Street has been fixed. The gate had been ripped off its hinges over the summer. Parents had complained about the missing gate at King Park for months, citing safety concerns. St. Jerome Academy uses the park daily, and teachers had been fashioning [read more]

Council weighs tax hike

April 15, 2014

BY ANDREW MARDER —At its April 7 meeting, the Hyattsville City Council was expected to schedule a public hearing on the city’s property tax rate and to vote on a proposal by Mayor Marc Tartaro to lock in the same rate for the ninth year in a row. But some councilmembers are questioning the [read more]

A meaningful discussion about the tax rate

March 15, 2014

Patrick Paschall Shani Warner This year many Hyattsville homeowners are paying about $150 to 200 less in real property taxes to the City than they did the year before. This relatively modest tax savings came at the cost of a $1.1 million budget shortfall this year, and if the rate stays the same [read more]
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